The Product Leadership Podcast from Lighthouse London

#47: Redefining Launch - Product Success By Increments

Episode Summary

Every founder dreams of launch as a single moment of glory, don't they? We discuss the problems with this aim, and how to use a 10x strategy to release products incrementally for maximal chance of success.

Episode Notes

Stop thinking of launch as a date in the diary, and instead focus on the smaller, more subtle stages and release your product by increments.

Dan and Tom discuss how little is actually needed to start sharing your ideas, and the stages involved in using a 10x launch strategy.

Along the way they cover:

#1 Not being afraid to launch to a tiny group - you're ideally placed to speak to users directly when your idea is still just a scribble on the back of a napkin, so now's the time to get feedback.

#2 Early stage MVPs and faking it before you start to scale.

#3 The importance of experimenting while you're still able to move quickly- and how established companies envy this ability to release something imperfect and learn.

#4 Tom's preferred sandwiches if you invite us to your launch party. (No plain cheese, please.)

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